About Nexthority

Introducing Nexthority! Nexthority aims to be your trusted source for all things keyboards. In time, vast amounts of information on virtually all known switches will be found in the Wiki, which is constantly updated by the community.

Nexthority was created in order to better serve the keyboard community as a place to organize projects, document keyboard knowledge, and have quality discussions.

Our goal at Nexthority is simple. Create a place for the keyboard community to learn, document, and share keyboards and switches. Nexthority will always remain dedicated to being community owned, with its assets never for sale, guaranteed to stay that way by licensing user-generated content with Creative Commons CC-BY-NC-SA licenses. This means that it will always be 100% legal to copy as long as it is not used for commercial purposes.

We are a community of users dedicated to the most important peripheral of a computer—The keyboard.